Burton saw White's commercial appeal first, sponsoring him when he was just 7. By the time he was 15, he had a pro boot; now his White Collection is one of the company's hottest sellers.

White is also sponsored by HP. This flat-panel TV showcases the virtual runs created by Ubisoft in its Shaun White Snowboarding video game - illustrating White's ability to cross-market his brand.

White helped Oakley create its first signature goggle, which quickly became a best seller. All of the company's top athletes now have signature lines.

Looking to connect to the action-sports demographic, Target sponsored White at 15. He recently put Target and Ubisoft together, leading to a limited-edition Target version of his snowboarding video game.

Red Bull's international reach and caffeinated image boosts White's global impact. The company sent White on a snowboarding trip to Japan, filmed him exploits, then released the video on MTV and as a retail DVD.

This year, White and his brother, Jesse, added a women's line of fitted snowboarding gear to their Burton collection. It was a market no one had thought to exploit. Says Burton founder Jake Burton: Orders have been "really strong."

Last fall, the Shaun White 4 Target street-wear collection launched. It features T-shirts, hoodies, shorts, and skinny jeans (for men, boys, and here, female mannequins).

From tech to fashion to quaffable caffeine, Shaun White's partners look to him to amp their visibility among America's fickle youngsters.

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